List of rental devices

Conditions and Instructions

1. Book the aspiring devices.
- Contact: 02 412 8880 or [email protected]
2. Transfer the rent and 100% damaged assurance fee.
- By Kasikorn Bank, Account name: Dootv Media Co., Ltd.(บจก. ดูทีวี มีเดีย) Account number: 683-2-08266-8
* The company may preserves the rent for the first payer.
3. Inform the payment.
4. Get the devices.
- Bring your ID card and a copy of ID card with your signature
* If the rent has made under the company name, this needs a copy of certificate for company’s registration and a copy of Value Added Tax Registration. (If any)
- Sign the rental contract
- Collect the devices from 8 am (The optional collection between 4 pm-6 pm is available on a day before the contract will start)
5. Returns.
-  Return the devices before 10 am of the next day when the contract ends. The lessee must return all devices on the day only.
6. Collect the deposit.
- The company will retrieve your assurance fee in the event of the rented devices are in a good condition with a normal usage.


1. The clients must take care and use the devices very carefully.
* If there is any damaged with the devices, the lessee needs to take a responsible to the damage.
2. The late return will be charged extra minimum of a day rate.
3. In case of cancelling the booking, we would return 50% of the payment when notifying 2 days before the day of collection.
4. 1 rental queue is 8am to 10am of the day after.
Ex. Rental request for Tuesday-Thursday cost 3 queues. You are able to get the devices from 4pm-6pm on Monday (If available) and must return the devices before 10:00 on Friday.
5. Cost of delivery.
Service for Bangkok area costs 450 ฿ and suburban district costs 550 ฿ for each time. If you request this service, please prepare all documents and pay before receiving devices
6. If you need a technician to assist at your location, this would cost 2,000 ฿ per day. (8.30am-5.30pm)


policies and procedures
Rent price/day(Baht)
Product Set
Product :
LiveU Solo
Rent price/day(Baht) :
Product Set :
Product :
LiveU Solo Plus
Rent price/day(Baht) :
Product Set :
Product :
LU200 Restream
Rent price/day(Baht) :
Product Set :
Product :
LU200 Restream
Rent price/day(Baht) :
Product Set :
Product :
LU600 Restream
Rent price/day(Baht) :
Product Set :
Product :
LU2000 / CG
Rent price/day(Baht) :
Product Set :

Rental Form
  • For organization, Copy of lessee’s ID card, form of company registration and certify true copy
  • For personal, Copy of lessee’s ID card, house registration and certify true copy

Return Policy and Procedure
  • To be eligible for a return and get security deposit back, the product must be in the same condition.
  • Lost and damage product, lessee is responsible to pay the fine.
  • Late of return per day will count as 1 day and lessee have to pay the fine.