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New Features for Redundancy, Simulcasting and Publishing to Drive Broadcast-Quality Engagements to Facebook Live and Beyond

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Highest Quality

The only way to broadcast crystal-clear 1080p to any page on Facebook Live.


Built for Professional Productions

Rack-mountable, 12G SDI input, remote manager and frame-accurate starts for a professional production.


Bulletproof Reliability & Redundancy

End-to-end redundancy and real-time stream monitoring with auto-adjustment ensures the most reliable broadcasts.



Highest Quality on Facebook Live

  • The only way to broadcast crystal-clear 1080p to any page on Facebook Live.
  • Easily encodes 360° and VR video to create breathtaking experiences for viewers.
  • Includes x264 for encoding high-quality, Facebook Live HD video and is VP9 and H.265-ready.


Built for Professional Productions

  • Remotely manage ClearCaster through Wowza ClearCaster Manager, including the ability to start/stop streams, adjust settings, configure redundancy and many other features.
  • The only way to create frame-accurate starts for your live broadcasts and a VOD asset that starts playing immediately.
  • Rack-mountable Facebook Live Encoder with 12G SDI input for seamless compatibility in your high-end, multiple camera production workflows.

Bulletproof Reliability & Redundancy

  • Ensure end-to-end redundancy—including power, encoding, network and ingest points—with automatic fail-over from multiple ClearCasters.
  • Real-time communication of stream health data and automatic adjustment of encoding settings, thanks to the deepest integration with Facebook’s persistent API.
  • Ensure the best quality and highest reliability on Facebook Live without repetitive, manual setup or the need for highly technical resources.

Engage Like Never Before

  • Generate follower engagement with Talent View functionality that gives on-camera personalities the ability to see Facebook Live Reactions.
  • Engage with an increasingly mobile audience by delivering square video at the click of a button.
  • Quickly increase engagement and meet accessibility requirements by allowing your 608 captions to flow through to your Facebook Live broadcasts and on to your VOD assets, unlike other Facebook Live streaming software.

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