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advanced wireless video transmission
The Long Range Wireless HDMI/SDI Transmission Suite utilize today'smost advanced wireless video transmission technology

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65,000.00 ฿ tax incl.

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  • 150m(492ft) optimum wireless transmission distance with no latency.
  • With digit frequency display.
  • Uses License-Free 5GHz ISM frequency band, maximum 4 frequency channels selection, coexist with WIFI.
  • Highest resolution 10 bits color depth 4:4:4, 1080p 60FPS DHMI and SD/HD/3G SDI input and output, HDMI SDI cross conversion is supported.
  • Support wireless 10 bit HD video with no compression and no delay up to 300m(984ft), optimum distance is 150m(492ft).
  • Supports point to point, and point to multi points network topology, one transmitter can be connected up to 4 receivers.
  • Support professional audio formats include Dolby True HD, DTS-master, etc.
  • AES-128 encryption with air interface HD video data stream.
  • Wide range power voltage input, compatible with most kinds of camera batteries.
  • Sony F970 battery buckle, convenient for field battery install and replacement.
  • All input and output ports have +-8 kV ESD protection level(HBM, contact discharge).
  • Plug & Play – no software is required.
  • Professional standard 4-pin LEMO power plugs.
  • Each RX(receiver) paired to the unique TX(transmitter) in factory.
  • industrial metal and plastic case with robust cooling and durability.
  • RX built-in directional antenna.
  •  Signal indicators for wireless power status, Video status and receiver RSSI.
  • The hard carrying case provide water and shock proof to product.