UltraLITE 4 Ch.


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The lastest wireless intercom provides different communication which is no need to Push to Talk. UltraLite can be used by 4 users simultaneously. Auto-Mute system is to swivel the microphone boom up. UltraLite is convenient for camera crews, organized crews even restaurant using and all crews that need to work with hands. Ready-to-use is just to put battery in simply.

- Link 4 Users
- No base Station or beltpack
- 4 oz self-contained headsets

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39,000.00 ฿ tax incl.

More info

UltraLite lastest Wireles  Intercom from USA is designed for users spicifically with Full Duplex system which user can cummunicate simaltoneously, easily and WIRELESSLY by No Belt Pack for more convenience and flexibility




UltraLite full set includes 4 wireless headsets (1 Master and 3 Remotes). Each headset can be use freely and up to 400 meters range




UltraLite provides same microphone system as COMSTAR XT Series which serves clear sound and Auto-Mute system, just swivel the microphone boom up.




Battery power is last for 6 hours. UltraLite works on 1900MHz frequency which is under FCC standard, no need authorization for using.




All complete set is Ready-to-use and included AIRBOND softside case.

Examples of usability of our professional drone crews and client teams

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