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Wireless Intercom

COMSTAR XT-4 4-User Full Duplex Intercom Wireless System

Intercom Full Duplex Wireless System
  • 1900 MHz. / Range 360 meters to Com Center and 720 meters to headset
  • No beltpack, Crystal voice
  • Control volume & Battery in earphone
COMSTAR XT-4 4-User Full Duplex Intercom Wireless System

UltraLITE 4 person system w/ 4 Single Headsets, batteries case

Intercom Full Duplex Wireless System

  • - Link 4 Users
    - No base Station or beltpack
    - 4 oz self-contained headsets

Wireless Video


advanced wireless video transmission
  •  300 Meters range
  •  Professional function
  •  Support port HDMI, HD-SDI


advanced wireless video transmission
  •  600 Meters range
  •  Professional function
  •  Support port HDMI, HD-SDI


AIRBOND Store supplies wireless video equipment products for video production and live streaming. We provide wireless video production solution by experienced technical engineer. Our aim is to provide video solution from basic to professional scheme in order to satisfy all customer needs by using our quality products from America, which is widely use by television stations in Thailand. Airbond Store is the leading wireless video system and live streaming equipment. Our professional teams provide suggestions promptly with a fast delivery service.

AIRBOND StoreThe First Brand in Thailand
The first Thai wireless video system brand and live streaming equipment. We wish Thai people to experience inexpensive world class equipment.
AIRBOND StoreUser’s Right Choice
The wireless system is very convenient for organizing and using. There is not every events that you could bring your wired equipment in any occasion such as royal events, motorsports or grand opening of department which filming in different section on the sametime.
AIRBOND StoreTrusted by National Broadcast
AIRBOND Store is trusted by television stations in Thailand for quality products and services.
AIRBOND StoreQuality Guarantee
Our standardized service center, along with professional team is ready for after sale services.
AIRBOND StoreFast Delivery
It takes only one hour to deliver in Bangkok and suburban district.
AIRBOND StoreCustom Service
We design and provide solution for wireless video system and live streaming according to your demand with specialized team and system.

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I started AIRBOND Store in early 2015. As an agent, I discovered that the price of streaming equipment is high. I came up with an idea of creating my own brand with reasonable prices and more customer outreach. With convenient equipment, customers will be able to engage more with the product.