AIRBOND HD-300 serves the best wireless video technology with broadcast quality in flexible software under ISM standard. AIRBOND HD-300 is made from high-quality metal on industrial level which could support continuous using against heat.

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• Support HDMI Version 1.3

• Support HD-SDI / HDM input and output

• Resolution 1080p/60Fps, Uncompressed, Low lactency

• Support DOLBY HD TRUE, dts-HD Master Audio

• Support Point to Point and Multi Point

• Automatically channel select in case of using simultaneously

• 5.1 - 5.9 GHz, 10 Channel

• Range 300 m

• Battery SONY F970 type for TX and Battery V-Mount type for RX

• Industrial material level, Heat resistance at -20 ° to 60 °, support continuous using

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